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We Provide Solutions That Remedy Wildlife Issues

We pride ourselves in offering a professional assessment of your critter situation and experience-based recommendations that will provide valuable long-term solutions. While we appreciate wildlife, we also value your safety and property and anticipate serving you in a way that cultivates confidence and provides peace of mind.

Squirrel-damaged wooden gable vent louvers before repair
Squirrel-damaged louvers after repair
Squirrel-damaged wooden gable vent louvers after repair and exclusion
Rodent barrier exclusion in process
Rodent barrier exclusion completed
Squirrel damage before
Squirrel damage repaired
Chimney top exclusion
Custom chimney cap installation
Gas fireplace vent exclusion
Custom bird exclusion
Foundation gap exclusion work
Catch Em Critters Professional Animal Trappers Animal Removal Mitigation attic vent squirrel before
Before exclusion
Catch Em Critters Professional Animal Trappers Animal Removal Mitigation attic vent squirrel before
After exclusion
Gable vent exclusion
Gable vent exclusion
Gable vent exclusion
A good reason for exterior gable vent exclusion
Another good reason to exclude the gable vent exterior
Gable vent screen is often an ineffective critter barrier
Raccoon break-in through a soffit vent
Raccoon entry at roof peak through ridge vent
Raccoon entry on roof through chimney box
Common raccoon entry point through a gable vent
Attic power fan vent - a common raccoon entry point
Raccoon damage to a power fan vent
Raccoon damage to power fan vent blades
Raccoon captured during attempted entry
A determined raccoon that's been in a house is capable of breaking into any house
This was a raccoon entrance into a house through a bathroom vent opening
Attic raccoon damage
Raccoon latrine in an attic
Raccoon damage to attic insulation
Squirrel entry gnawed through shake roof
Persistent, grey squirrel gnawing power
Squirrel entry at roof edge through metal trims
Squirrel damage to attic coaxial cable
Interior window frame damage from a grey squirrel
Groundhog hole through house foundation - extremely rare
Groundhog damage to a vehicle engine - extremely rare
Spray foam is not mouse-proof
Mouse electrocuted while gnawing on wiring
Mouse damage to electrical wiring - down to the copper
Mouse trails through attic insulation
Bat entrance
Bat droppings on attic insulation
Bat guano in an attic
Attic cleanup
We can help you with your stinging insects
Red-sided garter snake
Milk snake
Fox snakes - juvenile

Catch’em Critters offers:

1. A degreed biologist with a lifetime of wildlife interaction and 11+ years of professional nuisance wildlife field experience.

2. Peace of mind and final resolution to unsettling human/wildlife conflicts.

3. Expert advice and practical solutions for the removal, exclusion, and control of wildlife.

4. Interior and exterior house inspections.

5. Trapping and maintenance plans.


6. Use of quality materials with a four-year warranty on most exclusion work.

7. Emergency animal and dead animal removal.

8. Use of live traps when expedient, use of lethal traps when necessary.

9. Repair of roofs, vents, soffits, etc.

10. Attic cleanup services including soiled insulation removal, decontamination, and reinsulating.

Our service is based on:

1. Integrity and respect for you and your property.

2. Honest and open communication.

3. Professional conduct.

4. Personable interaction.


5. Humane wildlife treatment.

6. Quality workmanship.

7. Competitive pricing.

8. Past experience and success.