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Critters We Catch


Does it sound like someone is in your attic at night? It is probably a raccoon. Many times, it requires equal craftiness to remove them from a house.


Grey squirrels in your house? It's possible if you are hearing gnawing, scampering, and movement in your attic or soffit. Squirrels typically make their noises around dawn and dusk.


Does your yard have dirt mounds or squishy tunnels just beneath ground surface? Moles can wreck a yard if not removed. Trapping is the best method, and we often make a catch within hours if not minutes!


Bats in your attic or swooping through your house? Capable of squeezing through very small openings, bats find no house more inviting than a human house.


Small on size but big on damage, this house mouse (as seen in the photo) and the deer mouse are the main culprits we exclude (i.e. lock out) from southeast Iowa homes.


Bird nests in vents, above porch lights, under decks, or just somewhere they shouldn’t be? It can be a mess, and the invasive house sparrows and starlings are often to blame. We can remove the unwanted guests and most likely devise a custom installation to prevent a reoccurrence.


Digging next to the foundation or under your shed? Groundhogs are serious earth movers, and they love flower and garden buffets. We use live traps that give them no choice but to take a ride in our trucks.


Although possums may look ugly, they’re rarely destructive. They don’t often invade homes, but will opt to stay under your deck or shed. If you need a possum removed, we have the tools for the job.


Cute but oh so busy digging in planters, under sidewalks, around foundations, and throughout retaining walls. If you’re in need of chipmunk control, we have an effective approach.


Skunks mostly mind their own business and typically don’t spray unless seriously agitated. If you have a curious dog, or if they’ve just moved in too close, you might sleep better knowing your skunk has been relocated.


Number one for many on the list to be feared, snakes present a high surprise factor. While you’ll rarely see a venomous snake in Iowa, you may see a fox snake as seen in the photo. Garter snakes and milk snakes are also nonvenomous snakes we exclude (i.e. lock out) from houses.


Amazing engineers, beavers are capable of causing a variety of damage with their damming habits and discriminating taste for expensive shrubs and trees. Trapping beavers can be challenging, but we’ve always been able to deliver a solution.


This cute water rodent with the laterally flattened tail can do some serious damage to a pond’s shoreline by digging bank dens—especially in the dam. They also feed on shore-stabilizing vegetation. If left unchecked, their numbers can increase rapidly.

Meadow Voles

We’ve presented a photo of the damage since that is what people see most often. If you’ve noticed those above-ground tunnels through your grass, we can remove those mini lawnmowers from your yard.


Secretive in nature, shrews spend considerable time hunting invertebrates in leaf litter and in underground tunnels. If you have shrews in your house, they most likely entered through a foundation gap. We can remove the shrews and seal the foundation gaps to prevent others from entering.


The epitome of vermin, rats are intelligent, highly destructive, and can be difficult to catch. If you’ve seen one, chances are there are more. And, it’s best to launch into their removal as soon as you’re aware of their presence. We've dealt successfully with rats, and we're ready to deal successfully with yours too.

Plains Pocket Gophers

Pocket gophers are often blamed for mole hills—we rarely are called for the real deal. However, we have the hardware and the expertise to remove gophers if they are the perpetrator.

Snapping Turtles

Snappers can be unnerving if you encounter a large one in the water, but they’ll rarely confront you. They also won’t be responsible for emptying your pond of fish as would an otter. However, if you would enjoy your pond more without them, we can take them elsewhere.


Badgers are digging freaks of nature—they often dig up the critters they eat. If they decide to dine in a yard with ground squirrels, they can make it look like a party of groundhogs moved in overnight. If you’ve got one of these bruisers on your property, we can take them to where they can dig to their heart's content.


Red foxes rarely cause trouble, and could be your best ally for controlling rodents like chipmunks, rabbits, and squirrels. If they’ve moved in too close or are somewhere they shouldn’t be, we can find them a new home.


Coyotes have become accustomed to living in close proximity to humans. They will, on occasion, attack pets and can be a cause for concern if they lose their fear of humans. If you have coyotes causing you trouble, we may be able to help.