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About Us

Ben and Liebe Stutzman with children Caleb and Lydia Owner/operator, B.S. Biology (center) Spencer Yutzy, Shane Schwartz, Andrew Schwartz, and Leon Stutzman (left to right)
Ben and Liebe Stutzman with children Caleb and Lydia Owner/operator, B.S. Biology (center) Spencer Yutzy, Shane Schwartz, Andrew Schwartz, and Leon Stutzman (left to right)

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Catch'em Critters Wellman Iowa About Us Ben StutzmanBen Stutzman

Ben Stutzman

Ben is the team leader of Catch’em Critters and began studying and pursuing critters soon after he learned to walk. He remembers watching wildlife for hours; one spring he proudly presented his mother with 10 garter snakes (5 in each hand) that he had captured from a creek bank. Of course, she was thrilled!

With a biology degree, experience in construction, a lifetime of studying wildlife, and 15+ years of full-time nuisance wildlife control experience, Ben is equipped to provide a solution for your wildlife problem.

Catch'em Critters Wellman Iowa About Us Liebe StutzmanLiebe Stutzman

Liebe Stutzman

Liebe (Ben’s wife and business partner) offers valuable insight and assists with the managerial/office work side of the business.

Her behind-the-scenes contributions facilitate a smooth operation.

Catch'em Critters Wellman Iowa About Us Shane SchwartzShane Schwartz

Shane Schwartz

Shane is right up there with the original MacGyver. He is a true problem solver, and his 10+ years of experience in construction (especially roofing) is an asset to our team. A strong dose of common sense and ingenuity assist him well as he serves customers.

Shane has a good understanding of animal behavior bolstered by his early years of combing through encyclopedias to read all he could concerning animals. Shane is well-equipped to help end your critter woes and do what can be done so that they do not reoccur.

Catch'em Critters Wellman Iowa About Us Andrew SchwartzAndrew Schwartz

Andrew Schwartz

We gratefully welcomed Andrew Schwartz to our team in the middle of the busiest season of the year. Andrew’s work ethic and four years of construction experience have served him well as he carefully completes exclusion projects for our customers.

Andrew has always enjoyed the outdoors. As a child he explored the woods around his family’s farm and earned his first money in this line of work by relocating snakes for his mother.

Catch'em Critters Wellman Iowa About Us Spencer YutzySpencer Yutzy

Spencer Yutzy

Spencer Yutzy joined our team in 2023. He has three and a half years of construction experience and enjoys fishing, hiking, and doing just about anything outdoors.

He began his training as a child when he was put in charge of trapping mice at home. His attention to detail and care for each customer make him a valuable team player. We can always count on Spencer to complete his work thoroughly.

Our Story

We are Ben and Liebe Stutzman. We met while teaching school and made the transition to nuisance wildlife control after marrying in 2004. This first experience with professional nuisance wildlife control was managing a franchise in Illinois for two years before moving to Southeast Asia to teach school.

We returned to my home state of Iowa in 2009 and discovered that Liebe had some health issues that were going to create a long-term significant financial burden unless we could increase our earnings. After much prayer and consideration, we started Catch’em Critters in 2011.

We have been blessed with the resources, talents, life experiences, and customers to build our business every year since. We have also been able to add dedicated team members to accommodate growing demand and to provide quality service to an ever-increasing number of customers.

We have chosen to stay small and to work on improving job efficiency and service capacity. We continually strive to develop the best methods and use quality tools and materials so that we can provide timely service of high value and durability.