PO Box 123, Wellman, IA 52356

(319) 936-7132 catchemcritters@gmail.com

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About Us


Ben (Owner/Operator BS. Biology) and Liebe Stutzman with children Caleb and Lydia  

Shane Schwartz and Jake O'Donnell Technicians

Our service is based on


  1. providing peace of mind and final resolution to unsettling human-wildlife conflicts
  2. integrity and respect for you and your property
  3. honest and open communication
  4. professional conduct
  5. personable interaction
  6. humane wildlife treatment
  7. past experience and success

We specialize in the humane removal of numerous species including


raccoons, squirrels, moles, bats, birds, woodchucks/groundhogs, possums, skunks, snakes, beaver, muskrats, foxes, chipmunks, voles, mice, rats, coyote, badger, gophers, etc.